Your presentation should report the results of a clinical or experimental research, which must be presented as follow:

– Introduction:  short reminder of the facts and study hypothesis
– Clinical or experimental study material, describing the studied population or the sample
& Operating methods, of measure, of clinical or experimental evaluation and note of Ethic committee opinion if requested
– Reported results without any comment or discussion
– Conclusion

The oral presentation is strictly limited to 7 minutes (4 min presentation + 3 min de discussion) and should include the conflict of interest disclosure.

The selection of presentations is anonymous. Consequently the name, address and affiliations of the authors must be mentioned in the email. This information will be hidden by the Secretary before transmission to the selection committees. The selection will be made by average calculation and big standard deviation examination.

The title and the summary should not include any mention allowing to identify the study source. Otherwise the Board cannot rate/note and select the presentation.

A jury will give a reward for the best technical presentation and the best fundamental presentation.

The audiovisual material will be a computer-aided projection. You should give your presentation at the preview room. You cannot download it at the speaker desk directly. 


Your eposter should be a short PowerPoint presentation of 6 slides maximum, report of a clinical or fundamental study, or clinical or technical fact. This presentation will be displayed on individual computers. It should be understandable without any comment. The written text on the slides should be however more dense than in oral presentations. Theme and spirit remain the same as for a « paper » poster. The format must be .PPT or .PPTX.

You should provide the file by email at least by 24 November 2022.

If your file it’s too heavy you advise you to send it by www.wetransfer.com.

For any question regarding the abstract submission you can contact us by email: audrey.martin@mcocongres.com