Dear Friends of arthroscopy,

As we discussed with you on October 3rd via emails and social networks, unfortunately the sanitary conditions do not allow us to maintain the congress in Geneva this year. We have therefore decided to replace it by a digital SFA-DIRECT congress whose program has been completely redesigned to be attractive, while maintaining the dissemination of the symposia and oral communications that have been selected this year. We know how disappointed you may be because the SFA congress has the singularity of being a convivial and festive moment that everyone is looking forward to, especially in this year particularly impoverished in gatherings and social relations.

The SFA committee has decided to make this SFA-DIRECT digital congress a real laboratory for research and development on what will probably become one of the new ways of communicating in the coming years, as we are not immune to other epidemics. We see this new challenge as an opportunity for the SFA. The main objective was to introduce as many human links as possible in order to bring out the most important thing in our exchanges: emotion. Digital technology won’t be able to allow you to find each other but we put all our energy to make sure that the very didactic scientific content is animated by an over motivated and passionate board.

The cancellation of the congress has important financial issues for our Society, but we have decided to offer you this first virtual congress so that a maximum of you will connect with us on December 10th and 11th. This is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to boost the francophone network and maybe break all records for participation in an SFA congress!

We are counting on you to help us make this SFA-DIRECT digital congress a success. Don’t miss this event, which will probably be a turning point in the history of the SFA. Vive l’arthroscopie, vive la SFA !

Dr Johannes Barth

Dear friends and colleagues,

As it is not possible to meet in Geneva as it was planned, we have decided to organise an e-Congress. It will take place on December 10th and 11th and will be hosted live by SFA board members.

As usual a special focus will be put on the presentations of the latest scientific work regarding three main joints (the shoulder, the ankle and the knee) and on discussions about innovative techniques with various experts.

Delicate issues such as the surgical response to failures of anterior shoulder stability and the management of pre-and post-surgical stiffness of the knee will also be tackled with Prof. Boileau and with B. Sonnery-Cottet.

You will be able to ask questions live after the three symposia:

  • Superior capsular reconstruction for irreparable postero-superior rotator cuff tears with A. Lädermann (Genève) and G. Nourissat (Paris)
  • Osteochondral lesions of the talus with O. Barbier (Toulon) and R. Lopes (Nantes)
  • Is the SFA score relevant in diagnosis of the ACL tear? with N. Graveleau (Bordeaux-Mérignac) and F-X. Gunepin (Lorient).

Don’t miss the opening sessions with a new point of view: that of the vets’! They will explain how they use arthroscopy. Our dear friends from the SOFCOT will present the impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on orthopaedic surgery. The close relationship between arthroscopy and ultrasound scanning will be discussed as the innovative use of the camera in the hip surgery.

You will have access to many presentations (either e-posters or videos) on demand. You will be able to send your questions online and discuss with some free papers authors.

Our partners from the industry will be with us during this e-Congress too. Through their industry sessions after each lecture they will present the latest technologies from their labs and they will welcome you to their virtual exhibition hall.

Even if nothing can be as good as real direct human interactions, we are offering you an intellectually challenging e-Congress and we hope you are going to be as many as possible to take advantage of the extraordinary circumstances to log in!

Welcome to the SFA House! Keep calm, stay home but stay tuned!

Pr Nicolas Bonnevialle et Dr Thomas Cucurulo

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