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Message from the President of the SFA

Dear friends in arthroscopy,

The Strasbourg meeting was a scientific success, and the large number of participants, despite the ongoing crisis situation, bore witness to your strong regard for our Society. I want to renew my thanks to the team in Strasbourg for its commitment and to our partners for their dependability.

For the 2019 meeting, Hervé Thomazeau and François- Xavier Gunepin have marshalled the vital energies of the arthroscopic community in Brittany to host an unforgettable event in an extraordinary convention centre that is both historical and modern. To continue acting on our Society’s commitment to share knowledge and offer training to our younger colleagues, they selected transmission as the guiding theme and prepared a research day that will project us into the future. The program built by our scientific assistants will surpass your expectations by providing a vast menu with offerings from all the fields of our specialty, hosting renowned guests from abroad, and allowing plenty of questionand- answer time. This will also be the opportunity to present your work, and we encourage you to submit your abstracts for the special communications sessions. The architecture of the centre will allow our partners to offer you a particularly appealing exhibition space. Again, I acknowledge the efficiency with which the entire board has brought verve and vigour to our Society. We invite all our members to participate to the general assembly to review all the completed actions and ongoing projects and to express your wishes for the future.

Our friends from Brittany can be counted on to prepare a memorable SFA Fest-Noz …

Thanks for being there for the annual meeting of the French-speaking arthoscopy society.

François Sirveaux
President of the SFA


Message from the meeting chairs

Dear colleagues, Dear friends,

We waited 48 years, but now the French Football Cup is ours! After waiting almost as long, we are now going to host the SFA meeting in Rennes, it is also done and we expect much from our supporters: you!

Both of your chairs are intent on offering a meeting focused on youth and knowledge-sharing, in this era where everything changes at lightning speed, including the digital imaging techniques that we use daily in our procedure suites.

This IMAGE is the focus of the Research Day on Wednesday, during which renowned experts from around the world present its new standards, its transmission, and its use for planning and, most importantly, for virtual immersion teaching. You will discover tomorrow’s arthroscopy imaging. We encourage you to arrive in Rennes early so that you can benefit fully from these excursions into the future. Come and enjoy the " Virtual Village " at any time during the meeting.

Our young and not so young colleagues worked together to share their views on knowledge transmission. We are grateful to Gilles Walch and Jin Hwan Ahn for sharing their experience and vision in this field. They will lead the medical file sessions with the junior section of the SFA and will guide the young arthroscopists throughout the meeting. Our other distinguished guests will share their experience, and a delegation from the Korean Knee Surgery Society (KKS) – our official guest – will include major opinion leaders in the field of knee arthroscopy.

For the SFA Movement Session on Saturday morning, we have decided to innovate. During the first part on sport and female athletes, our guests will be the Société Française de Traumatologie du Sport (french society of sports and traumatology) and its president Romain Rousseau. A panel of experts from the healthcare field, together with sports celebrities, will answer our questions about sport and female athletes:

  • Is a specific preparation required?
  • Are there any health concerns specific to female athletes?

During the second part, and for the first time in the history of the SFA, we will open our doors to the general public. The topic is one that we all care deeply about: "meniscal disorder". This conference and discussion will be led by a journalist specialized in medical issues.

At long last, and for a year at least, Rennes is thus the capital of French football. It is also a “little metropole” that you will be free to explore on foot, by bicycle, or using the subway from your hotels. Most of the delicious food offerings will come from organic and fair trade sources, including the oysters and sausage-filled griddle cakes! Even in December and whatever the weather, you will feel fulfilled.

The SFA and History await your arrival at the Jacobin Convent, at the historical heart of Brittany, and also at the ultra-modern Convention Center that will make your stay as pleasant as it will be fruitful.

We wish you a great congress and long live the breton indomitable’s village !

The chairs of the 2019 SFA meeting

Prof. Hervé Thomazeau & Prof. François-Xavier Gunepin



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